JLC Magazine

The Journal of Light Construction is written by and for residential and light commerical contractors.  Contractors rely on JLC for providing vital information on the products, tools, systems and techniques that they need to be successful in today's market.  JLC is the industry's leading training manual due to the detailed illustrations and technical detail included in each issue. 

Remodeling Magazine

Today's homeowners want to enhance the way they live and they want to increase the value of their home. More than remodeling, it's fulfilling their dreams—and they turn to the remodeling pros to do the work. When remodelers need ideas and inspiration—they turn to REMODELING.

Tools of the Trade Magazine 

Tools of the Trade delivers valuable resources to residential and light commercial contractors looking for the latest information on tools.  The magazine delivers the information tool enthusiasts and buyers need to make smart tool purchases-accurate, no-holds-barred reviews of the latest tools and equipment.