JLC LIVE Building Clinics

The JLC LIVE New England building clinics are interactive demonstrations presented by top industry experts in a real-world jobsite setting.  LIVE Building Clinics cover a range of topics including:  drywall, moisture management, tile, deck building, window installation, stair building and much more. 

Admission to all presentations in the Building Clinics is included with registration.

Information from JLC LIVE New England 2018 below. Stay tuned to find out what we'll have for 2019!

For the best available knowledge on rough framing, our go-to place is the Builders Workshop. Whether you are a veteran framer or an apprentice carpenter, our presenter Mike Sloggatt always has something worth learning. Mike will be teaching best practice methods on everything from floor, wall, and roof framing, to structural connectors, weatherization, and exterior trim. The most defining element of a well-built home is the frame, so invest in your trade and learn some invaluable precision framing knowledge at the Builders Workshop.

When it comes to upgrading your drywall installation and finishing skills and general know-how, there is no place better than Myron’s Residential Drywall Clinic. Achieving a beautiful drywall interior can be very challenging, but with Myron’s step-by-step personalized instructional experience, you will soon get the upper hand in doing top-of-the-line work. Arrive early—these seats go fast.

Our Building Technology clinic concentrates on new products and new installation techniques. With his trademark field guide presentation style, veteran builder and presenter Peter Heard explains and demonstrates best practices with the installation of new product and advanced technology. Stay on top of what products are improving the way we build, and schedule a visit to Peter's Building Technology Clinic.

Using stone, siding, and trim, long-time presenter Rick Arnold details the process required to create and install a beautiful exterior. Covering rainscreen technology, siding layout, stone transitions and trim detailing, Rick provides a complete tour of product and trade skill for creating a custom elevation. Rick consistently draws a big crowd, so seats fill up fast—plan to arrive early.

The Trim & Finish clinic with trim carpenter Gary Striegler is the go-to sanctuary for those devoted to crafting fine interiors, and those just getting started in fine trim and finish work. Get a full plate of finish carpentry know-how, so schedule a visit and return to the jobsite reinvigorated and inspired. Plan in advance, these sessions are bursting with attendees and chairs fill quickly.

Each passing year, building envelopes are getting increasingly more complex to install. In addition to greater overall understanding, attention to envelope assembly details is required to achieve the new efficiency standards. Builder/Carpenter Steve DeMetrick is your guide to learning new installation requirements and understanding various product interactions with the envelope. Enhance your skill-set in building exterior details—schedule in some time with Steve for a thorough examination of housewrap, siding, and sealant best practices.

It seems there are just as many methods to apply flashing and install windows as there are brands. Unfortunately, many installation methods turn out to be incorrect, and the consequences of a poor method can be ruinous. Our nationally recognized presenter and building science teacher, Bill Robinson, is on a mission to set the record straight on proper flashing and window installation practices. While demonstrating the proper steps and techniques, Bill explains how moisture behaves, and why so many installs fail. Schedule time with Bill and return to the job confident that your weatherization skills are right on the money.

In our newest building clinic, Jon Namba will walk you through flooring installation, from start to finish, utilizing new materials and tools to make your job easier. From examining substrates to grout selection and application, this clinic gives you the opportunity to learn from an industry expert!

Deck building: a forest of products, tools, and accessories—there’s a new product to try everywhere you turn. Randomly choosing from this huge field can be costly in time and money. From structural integrity to choosing the right fastener and clip, take advantage of the deep well of information being shared by Kim Katwijk. Kim is a leader in the deck industry and loves to help fellow builders be the best they can be. Save time, money, and effort—take in several of Kim’s sessions and let him help you in making the best choice in deck building practices and products.

Whether you are looking for an introduction to stairbuilding, or a few masterful tricks on installing curved volutes, Mike Kennedy is your guy. From layout and rough framing, to handrail and baluster installation, Mike has something for everyone. Access to this session comes just once a year—don’t miss this golden opportunity to hang out with a master stairbuilder.

“My new roof leaks”…the call every contractor fears. Storms are stronger and more frequent than ever, and getting that call is apt to happen more and more. Attending Mike Guertin’s roofing clinic is one of the best ways to lessen the risk of roof failure. Energetic, inspiring, and incredibly detailed, Mike is a powerhouse of information and implementation techniques. Plan time with Mike, learn what it takes to give your roof the best in performance and your business can forget about getting that call.