JLC LIVE Building Clinics

The JLC LIVE New England building clinics are interactive demonstrations presented by top industry experts in a real-world jobsite setting.  LIVE Building Clinics cover a range of topics including:  drywall, moisture management, tile, deck building, window installation, stair building and much more. 

Admission to all presentations in the Building Clinics is included with registration.

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For the best available knowledge on rough framing, our go-to place is the Builder's Workshop. Whether you are a veteran framer or an apprentice carpenter, our presenter Mike Sloggatt always has something worth learning. Mike will be teaching best practice methods on everything from floor, wall, and roof framing, to structural connectors, weatherization, and exterior trim. The most defining element of a well-built home is the frame, so invest in your trade and learn some invaluable precision framing knowledge at the Builder's Workshop.




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Building Technology expert Peter Heard explains how proper installation keeps water out of walls, particularly at penetrations such as windows and doors, while creating natural wood exteriors that last. You’ll leave with a greater overall understanding of how the parts of an exterior wall should integrate for looks, durability, and the long-term health of the home’s occupants. Plan time with Peter and learn what it takes to give your exterior the best in performance.

Real Cedar

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Long time presenter since 1997, Rick Arnold knows how to combine old world
craftmanship with modern materials to create beautiful and durable
exteriors.  Just a few topics Rick Arnold will be covering include custom-built craftsman style front door trim, manufactured stone veneer transitions, siding options and installation.  Also included throughout the presentation will be key building science concepts and strategies such as critical flashing details and rainscreen technology.  Rick consistently draws a big crowd, so seats fill up quickly – plan to arrive early.    

benjamin obdyke

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Well-known carpenter Gary Striegler is the go-to sanctuary for those devoted to crafting fine interiors, and those just getting started in fine trim and finish work.  Get a full plate of finish carpentry know-how from Gary that includes methods for building up moldings to create stunning entryways, mantles, and wainscoting. 
These sessions are bursting with attendees. Make sure to plan in-advance because chairs fill up quickly! 

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Building envelopes are getting increasingly more sophisticated, either driven by code or by client. A buildings success depends largely on its ability to deal with the elements, as weather grows increasingly more erratic and products more technical. Building a structure that not only does its job but does it to a high level of performance can be challenging to navigate. This clinic will give you solid footing to handle the most complex details and challenges but also critical understanding of what they are doing and how to simplify things in the field.

Atlas and Energy Shield
GCP Applied Technologies

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Whether you are looking for an introduction to stairbuilding, or a few masterful tricks on installing curved volutes, Mike Kennedy is your guy. From layout and rough framing, to handrail and baluster installation, Mike has something for everyone. Access to this session comes just once a year—don’t miss this golden opportunity to hang out with a master stairbuilder.

Crown Heritage

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Mark Clement will host a series of the best tool tips, tricks and hacks presented by mix of JLC Talent and Influencer friends. All our presentations will be jam-packed with valuable information you’ll appreciate and immediately put to work on your next job. During presentations breaks, you can tour the surrounding tool booths get your hands on the latest in tool innovation designed to help you build better, faster and smarter. Once they’ve found the tools best suited for you, there will be several locations you can purchase all your favorites.

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