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Need to pick a manufacturer's brain or clear up some installation instructions?  Top manufacturers lead interactive demonstrations of best practices and quick tips for smooth installations of their products. 

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BOOTH #504

Andersen® Window Replacement Solutions

Andersen® has a variety of replacement window options from custom-size insert and full frame replacement windows to a sash conversion kit. Also learn about Andersen’s NEW 100 Series insert frame, made with Andersen’s exclusive Fibrex® composite material.

 Attendees will learn:

  • Learn about Andersen latest Home Improvement product, 100 Series custom sized insert frame made with Andersen’s exclusive Fibrex® composite material.  
  • How to easily identify Andersen® Narroline® units for replacement and quickly upgrade them with the Narroline Conversion Kit
  • How to determine if Andersen 400 Series Tilt-Wash Insert windows are a feasible option for your replacement job 

NEW A-Series Mulling System

Andersen® is introducing a new mulling system that is now available for 100 & A-series units. This new innovation is consistent with Andersen’s vision to lead the window and door industry by creating products and services that are different and better, as measured by our customers.

Attendees will learn:

The new Easy Connect window joining system is a revolutionary new innovation to how windows are joined together. Engineered for performance, strength and installation ease, this new system allows for larger window combinations and simplified installation, saving the contractor up to 50% in labor time.  This new engineered system is Hallmark certified and can be used across the nation, even in hurricane prone areas. The Easy Connect Joining system can be setup in our factory or can be assembled onsite in the rough opening.

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BOOTH #1214

Join the CertainTeed Product Application Specialists as they walk you through the latest advances in
siding products. They’ll share installation tips and best practices on the new reinforced siding, CERTAplank®, that combines the strength and aesthetics of hardboard cladding with the lower install cost and minimal maintenance of vinyl. They’ll also provide a detailed overview of the modern features of the new line of 3rd generation Cedar Impressions® sidings that include superior aesthetics, faster installation, and enhanced performance. You can also stop by anytime for a look NorthGate® Polymer-Modified Shingles, a great option for cold weather installation and impact resistance.

CERTAplank® Reinforced Siding Demos:

Visit CertainTeed at booth 1214 to experience CERTAplank—the new reinforced siding that combines the strength and aesthetics of hardboard cladding with the lower install cost and minimal maintenance of vinyl. Thedemonstration will offer installation tips and best practices, including how CERTAplank can easily be installed by a single person. 

3rd Generation Cedar Impressions® Siding Demos:

Come see the official installation and best practices for the new line of 3rd generation Cedar Impressions siding profiles at booth 1214. This demo will provide a detailed overview of modern features that include superior aesthetics, product innovations for faster installation, and enhanced performance.  

NorthGate® Polymer-Modified Shingle Demos:

Come visit CertainTeed at booth 1214 and see why NorthGate is a great option for cold weather installation and impact resistance versus hail. Our staff will be available throughout the expo to give booth visitors hands-on demonstrations exhibiting NorthGate’s cold-weather flexibility, as well as 2" steel ball drop tests to showcase its top-rated impact resistance.

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BOOTH #334

Diamond Kote® Building Products offers a complete siding system, designed with the installer in mind.
Our 30-Year No Fade Siding is built on LP® SmartSide®, an engineered wood product. We're here to help you differentiate your business with labor saving siding products designed to hide nail heads providing homeowners a beautiful finished home. All products are also backed by a 5/50-Year Siding System Warranty including hail damage.

  1. Installing LP®SmartSide® Faster
    • See how RigidStack™ and RigidShake™ built on LP®SmartSide® will help you install more siding in day
    • Learn how LP®SmartSide® is made, and see the advantages of treated engineered wood siding demonstrated
    • Discover callback free butt joints

  2. Tips for Time Saving Exterior Trim
    • Proper Install, Flashing, and Sealing details for LP®SmartSide® Trim 
    • Hear why Hidden Fastener Trim is a better solution for customers & you

  3. Labor Saving Exterior Accessories
    • Explore install Tips & Tricks for mount blocks
    • Realize an easier way to wrap porch & deck posts
    • Premade flashings options


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BOOTH #542

Certified Door System Installer Training

Learn from the professionals at OSI® – the expert in construction sealants – and Therma-Tru – the expert in fiberglass door systems – as they take you through a door system installation every step of the way.
Reduce your callbacks & increase customer satisfaction – become a Certified Door Installer today!

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BOOTH #1042

Completely Curbless!

Curbless showers allow you to create spa-like retreats, with built-in seats and benches, inset
shelves and niches, low-profile linear drains, and heated floors that run from the tile floor right into the shower. And now, they are even easier to achieve.

Join us for our live demonstration where we will be creating an open-concept oasis featuring our new thinner trays, STYLE grates, and KERDI-BOARD waterproof building panels.

Need tips on how to create a waterproof envelope in the bathroom when going curbless? We’ll be covering that too! Because wet areas and dry areas are not clearly defined in curbless showers, the bathroom must be sufficiently protected against water and moisture as whole. DITRA and DITRA-HEAT offer that protection. Come find out more! 

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BOOTH #1032

Decks Done Right

Real Solutions for Safer, Stronger Decks
Presented by Scott Fischer P.E. and Rachel Holland P.E.

Real Solutions for Safer, Stronger Decks. Due to the visibility of deck failures the structural side of deck construction is evolving and it’s more important than ever to keep up to date on the latest guidelines, requirements and field-proven details.

Simpson Strong-Tie has brought together an experienced group of presenters to discuss how to create a continuous load path in your deck designs while sharing best practices that help keep jobs moving. Stop by for one session or attend them all! 

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BOOTH #726

Therma-Tru Doors and Fypon Millwork

Choosing a Therma-Tru door means designing an inspired entrance with the confidence that
it will perform for years to come. Whether it’s Classic or Contemporary – or somewhere in between – Therma-Tru offers a wide selection to complement the architecture of a home and a homeowner’s sense of style.

But it’s more than beauty that makes Therma-Tru the brand building professionals prefer most. With a complete door system engineered with craftsman precision and backed by more than 50 years of industry experience, you can be confident that a Therma-Tru door will perform as exceptionally as it looks.

Fypon is the recognized leader in polyurethane product design, innovation and molding technology. Each Fypon product is engineered for consistent quality and long-lasting performance.

Our polyurethane products are low maintenance and easy to install, with no special tools or extra labor required. They are insect- and moisture-resistant, and won’t warp, crack, split or rot.

Door Installation Best Practices Workshop:

  • Go beyond installation of a door as we explain certain steps in the process to help you avoid callbacks on a project.
  • Become more knowledgeable about the door installation process to ensure long-term, hassle-free operation and performance for your customer.

Fypon Beam Mantel Staining and Installation Workshop:

  • Learn techniques on how to stain Fypon Beam Mantels to achieve a product so realistic to wood that it will be hard to distinguish the difference.   Also learn the proper installation method for faux wood beam mantels.

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