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Andersen® Window Replacement Solutions

Andersen® has a variety of replacement window options from custom-size insert and full frame replacement windows to a sash conversion kit. 

 Attendees will learn:

  • How to easily identify Andersen® Narroline® units for replacement and quickly upgrade them with the Narroline Conversion Kit
  • How to determine if Andersen 400 Series Tilt-Wash Insert windows are a feasible option for your
    replacement job
  • How to measure for a 400 Series replacement casement 
  • Learn about Andersen latest product 400 Series Tilt-Wash Full Frame custom sized window for your replacement jobs.

Andersen® Patio Door Replacement

Learn best practices for upgrading or replacing an existing patio door with an Andersen 200 Series Perma-Shield gliding door with blinds between the glass, Andersen’s latest product feature.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to properly prepare the opening, assemble and install the replacement patio door.
  • How to make the final adjustments that will enhance the customer delight with their decision to replace their old patio door.

NEW A-Series Mulling System

Andersen® is introducing a new mulling system that is now available for the A-series units.  This new innovation is consistent with Andersen’s vision to lead the window and door industry by creating products and services that are different and better, as measured by our customers.

Attendees will learn:

The new Easy Connect window joining system is a revolutionary new innovation to how windows are joined together. Engineered for performance, strength and installation ease, this new system allows for larger window combinations and simplified installation, saving the contractor up to 50% in labor time.  This new engineered system is Hallmark certified and can be used across the nation, even in hurricane prone areas. The Easy Connect Joining system can be setup in our factory or can be assembled onsite in the rough opening.

Storm Door Installation Made Easy  

Andersen® storm doors with the Rapid Install 1 System are faster and easier to install than any other storm door vailable on the market. There's no cutting and virtually no measuring, and it installs with basic tools in about an hour.

Attendees will learn:

  • How Andersen has made this the fastest and easiest storm door installation on the market.
  • How Andersen storm doors can save you time on the jobsite.
  • How to install the storm door in 45 minutes or less!  

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10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m.   Andersen Patio Door Replacement
12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m.   Andersen Window Replacement Solutions
2:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m.   Andersen A-series Mulling System
3:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m.   Impact Glass Hockey Puck Shoot Out and Happy Hour
10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m.   Andersen A-series Mulling System
12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m.   Andersen Storm Door Installation Made Easy
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