Reach Buyers Beyond Providence

JLC LIVE offers more ways than ever to reach your ideal audience. These year-round marketing solutions broaden brand reach, capitalize on your unique identity, and increase sales with a wide selection of options.

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Audience Extension | Qualifi Select

Using our Qualifi Select program, we can put your message in front of potential customers using our authenticated, unique database of registered attendees and visitors. You’ll be able to reach your ideal buyers wherever they are online via trustworthy websites in our network. The JLC LIVE audience will be targeted using our valuable first-party data which is captured from tradeshow attendees, website visitors, and highly engaged audiences. 

$3,600 for 100K impressions  |  Request More Info >


Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting campaigns targets our audience by utilizing thousands of sites across the web. Your campaign is displayed multiple times to your targeted profile. Our retargeting platform ensures your ads are viewed on the trusted sites your targets frequent.

$2,890 for 100K impressions; $1,700 for 50K impressions  |  Request More Info >


Custom Newsletter

Let JLC LIVE create highly relevant content that engages our audiences through a beautifully designed newsletter. Keeping your target customer/market in mind, we deliver useful information that educates and informs in a co-branded, competitive-free environment to help with your branding or lead generation.

Investment: $7,500  |  Request More Info >


Direct Mail List Rental

The key to any successful marketing initiative is reaching the right audience. List Rental services from JLC LIVE enables marketers, agencies and brokers to target, engage and activate campaigns targeted to B2B decision-makers that rely on our brands.

Investment: $175 CPM  |  Request More Info >


Supplier Spotlight Newsletter

Monthly lead generation newsletter with three tiers of ad unit sizes. Customers get leads of individuals who click on their ad unit along with full metrics reporting.

Top Spot
$1,800.00 | Sign in to Purchase >   Request More Info >

Tier One
$1,200.00 |  Sign in to Purchase >   Request More Info >

Product Spotlight
$750.00 |  Sign in to Purchase >   Request More Info >


Content Syndication

We map three pieces of your thought leadership content to the needs of your prospects at key buying stages. A series of three emails are sent to 5,000 targeted contacts to generate and nurture their interest. You receive lead data for each user who registers as well as overall campaign engagement metrics.

Investment: $10,000.00 |  Request More Info >


Explainer Videos

Our team of experts work with you to craft a custom animated 30-90 second video (typically 200 words or less). Content can include your supplied video footage, graphics or slide presentations. Up to 2 rounds of revisions on script and storyboards, and up to 1 round of minor revisions to video. 

Investment: $10,000  |  Request More Info >


FastChat Videos

FastChat video interviews strike a balance between shifting customer needs and the emerging B2B workflow norm of video-based communication. The video-based discussions provide a platform for executives to tell the story of their brand’s innovation, market leadership, and expertise, creating a content marketing experience that generates an authentic connection with audiences hungry for information.

Investment: $7,500  |  Request More Info >



Infographics are one of the most popular forms of content on the web today, driving more traffic than most traditional content due to their highly visual and easy-to-digest format that helps users translate data into insights. Infographics draw a wider viewing audience into information that might
otherwise be hidden in long-form content. They also encourage social sharing of your content.

Investment: $8,500  |  Request More Info >


Short-Form Content: Ask the Expert

Tell your brand’s story through a professional interview to add a powerful advantage to your content marketing campaigns. The co-branded asset will be written by our team to provide a thought-leadership perspective to your desired target audiences. We have the experience and know-how to develop content assets that resonate with your target audience – you will receive unique, custom content that offers long-term marketing value.

Investment: $16,000  |  Request More Info >


White Papers

Informa-developed white papers help you establish subject-matter expertise and thought leadership. They are also effective at generating high-quality leads when paired with a lead generation program. Our team of experts will write a 2 page whitepaper, conduct interviews with your key customers or executives. Three rounds of edits are allowed. Longer whitepapers are available with a fee of $2,000 per page. 

Investment: $10,500  |  Request More Info >


Short-Form Content: Top 10 Cards

Top 10 cards are brief, punchy pieces that provide a series of tips or steps that help solve a problem or guide them in a buying decision. This form of content is a practical way to convey information to a wide audience.

Investment: $10,000  |  Request More Info >


Custom Research

Looking for industry insights to support your sales and marketing goals? JLC LIVE is pleased to offer customized research surveys of our industry database. Using our email survey platform, we can field your survey questionnaire to industry professionals and provide you with a completed report. Custom Survey pricing varies on length and complexity of survey. A typical 10-12 question survey with 100 completed responses will be priced at $9,500—far below market pricing.  

Investment: $9,500.00 |  Request More Info >


On-Site Mobile Geo-Fencing (Exclusive Sponsorship)

JLC LIVE can deliver your message to show attendees while they are inthe exhibit hall. This message will be delivered via a mobile ad unit to attendees accessing a browser on their smart phones during the days of the show using geo-fencing technology. Use this opportunity to drive attendees to your booth and enhance the ROI from your show investment.This exclusive sponsorship will deliver 120,000 mobile ad units during the days of the show to attendees who are on the show floor or inconference sessions.   

Investment: $2,400.00 |  Sign in to Purchase >   Request More Info >


Post-Show Geo-Fencing

At each year’s JLC LIVE, we collect the mobile ID’s of all attendees on the exhibit floor and in conference sessions. We provide the opportunity for marketers to target these attendees after they returned home to their businesse svia post show targeting programs. 

Investment: $35.00 CPM |  Sign in to Purchase >   Request More Info >


Custom & Editorial Webinars

Position your company as an industry expert and connect with prospects who are actively looking for education on a key topic or solution to their challenge. Our webinars are a cost-effective way to create powerful, engaging content that generates a large number of leads and allows you to connect directly with prospects.

Investment: $9,000.00 |  Request More Info >


Webinar Key Takeaways

Webinar Key Takeaways capture the central themes from a live webinar and breathe new life into your content by framing it through a visual, interactive experience. It’s designed to appeal to B2B executives who want quick highlights on their schedule while in control of the user experience.

Investment: $10,000.00 |  Request More Info >


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