Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our directory of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for brief answers to many commonly asked questions about attending, exhibiting, registration and housing/travel. 

Hotel booking, provided by JLC LIVE partner, onPeak, is open!

Book your hotel reservations today through JLC LIVE Housing powered by onPeak.

If you registered for the show and booked your housing at the same time, you will receive one confirmation email, containing the confirmations for both your registration and your housing.

  • Risk-free reservations.  Not only will you secure a great low rate, you can also change, modify or cancel your hotel reservations to accommodate unforeseen surprises that may disrupt your travel plans.
  • Help contribute to the success of JLC LIVE.  When you book your rooms with JLC LIVE Housing, you help JLC LIVE document the economic benefits that our event brings to the host city.  When future host cities see a true picture of JLC LIVE's impact on their city, they are more apt to reduce our costs, and the hotels are more willing to provide even lower, exclusive nightly rates for our participants. So, in the end, booking with the JLC LIVE housing program helps you, and your colleagues, save on expenses for future events!
  • Be part of the JLC LIVE family. When you book with the JLC LIVE housing program, you’re leveraging the prestige and value that our group brings to the hotel.  Since our business is so important to local hotels, they tend to give our event participants better rooms, better service, and more personal attention. On the off chance you're not getting what you need from the hotel, the JLC LIVE housing program's management team can and will advocate on your behalf to quickly resolve any issue, prior, during, and even after the event.  All of this adds up to a great night's sleep for our attendees, and potential problems and pitfalls for those that book on their own.
  • Be in the center of all the action.  Booking with the JLC LIVE housing program ensures that you will always be at the center of all the action. From the shuttle service to hotel special events and social opportunities, you'll spend more quality time with colleagues & industry insiders. You'll enjoy all of the great networking opportunities in the relaxed atmosphere of the official event hotels. 
  • No hidden fees or service charges.  The JLC LIVE housing program ensures the guaranteed lowest rates at all the official hotels.  Additionally there aren’t any service fees or hidden costs.  Other travel websites may appear to be offering a rate that's the same as ours. But once you get to the end of the booking process, you'll notice that they've tacked on miscellaneous fees & charges.  What once looked like a great rate suddenly turns into much, much more.  Then, if you need to change or cancel this reservation, you may be subjected to more fees in the form of penalties. Meanwhile, with the official JLC LIVE housing program, the rate displayed is the rate you pay.  There are no hidden fees, and no penalty fees when you alter or cancel your reservation.
  • Exclusive discounts and added value.  The official housing program is often able to negotiate additional discounts on dining, entertainment and hotel services that are only accessible to JLC LIVE housing program participants. 

JLC LIVE Housing offers automated 24/7 rate monitoring.  We’re constantly monitoring and shopping discounter and hotel-direct websites for lower rates.  If we find rates lower than those offered to JLC LIVE participants, we approach hotels to ensure your rate will be lowered as well.  No additional action will be required on your end.  JLC LIVE Housing will start you off with a competitive pricing edge...and make absolutely certain that you maintain it. 

  • JLC LIVE Housing offers a proprietary suite of web-based booking tools and dedicated group specialists in their NYC call center.  Dedicated JLC LIVE agents work personally to answer any questions from JLC LIVE participants and coordinate their group reservations.  Robust online tools make the reservation experience simpler and easier including:  
  • Real-time booking for 2-9 rooms: Smaller groups can use Zip Book to reserve all rooms at once, guarantee rooms with separate credit cards, and get instant confirmations. 
  • Groups with 10 or more rooms manage their blocks online with the Groups Wizard™ tool.  Group contacts can change multiple rooms at one time, email confirmations to individuals,  specify different guarantee methods and generate real-time reports.  If your team works in Excel, the built-in ZoomList™ handles unlimited roomlist uploads to save time and prevent data entry errors. 

Yes! In addition to a benefiting from the great low JLC LIVE rate, you can benefit from accruing rewards points and more!