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JLC LIVE Returns
to the Show Floor August 12-14

as the First Major Trade Event to

Take Place in RI

This Year

August 9, 2021

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JLC LIVE, by Informa Markets, is scheduled for August 12-14 at the Rhode Island Convention Center. The event marks the return to a live, in-person convention space since the pandemic brought the industry to a pause in March 2020. The event brings together residential construction professionals, distributors, and manufacturers from all over the region. JLC LIVE has a real impact on the attendees and exhibitors who populate its halls. These impacts come in the form of network connections, products, industry clinics, demonstrations, conference sessions, and more.

The return of the trade show also signals a meaningful shift toward economic recovery in the U.S. after a devastating pandemic year that left many businesses on the brink of collapse and many communities facing a crisis of isolation. While its economic impact falls largely under the radar, the trade event industry creates over $325 billion in business sales and 1.3 million jobs globally each year, providing an incredible economic boom for the industries they serve, the cities that host their events, and the small and medium sized businesses which make up 85% of their customers.

JLC LIVE New England is the PREMIER regional industry event for residential construction. Attendees cover the entire spectrum of the industry: remodeling, contracting, deckbuilding, engineering, and more. Learn from industry experts at LIVE installation clinics and exhibitor-led product demonstration as well as gain industry knowledge and training in our conference program. JLC LIVE gives attendees the opportunity to forge new relationships with product manufacturers and distributors on the exhibit hall floor. There are also many outlets to meet and speak with fellow industry professionals in our conference program and during our scheduled networking events.

Exhibitors include manufacturers and regional distributors encompassing all aspects of residential construction. JLC LIVE provides the space and accommodations exhibitors needs to effectively display and demonstrate their products on the show floor. This year, the event will showcase nearly 200 manufacturers of building products. Due to the interactive aspect of JLC LIVE New England, exhibitors not only sell their products on the show floor but demonstrate them as well. This includes the six building clinics led live by manufacturers. Also, this year’s show will feature dozens of conference sessions led by experts in their fields. Now more than ever, there is no better time to learn from recognized professionals and about the latest innovations than at JLC LIVE.

“Our platforms create commercial and connection opportunities that are unmatched,” said Nancy Walsh, President, North America at Informa Markets. “We help launch small businesses to new heights, educate our community on the latest innovations, create rich networking opportunities, and ensure that revenue opportunities are stimulated on and off the show floor.”

Trade shows have transformed into far more than booths displaying product—they have become perennial marketplaces brought to life by educational opportunities, innovation launches, and data-driven qualified lead retrieval opportunities supported by social networking activities that unite valuable digital progress with the now-yearned-for magic of interpersonal connection. Last year, many of the nearly 32,000 exhibitions held worldwide transitioned to digital solutions which leveraged best-in-class technology to create those critical supply chain connections. But while digital solutions have proven invaluable during pandemic times, as economies re-open in response to progress against COVID-19, data shows that both sides of the supply chain are eager to return to in-person platforms, recognizing the long-term value of tactile experiences and relationship building that have created a pent-up demand for in-person experiences as confidence in community safety is increasingly restored.

“We are in the business of connection,” said Nancy Walsh, President, North America, Informa Markets. “We have made incredible progress in providing our customers broader reach, better qualified leads, and year-round opportunities for education, innovation and growth through digital and data solutions, but meaningful networking is not replicable in a virtual format. There is an energy to the in-person experience that we have been missing over the last 15 months. Our platforms play a really important role in rich relationship building and revenue-driving for the communities they serve, and that is rarely a one-click experience.”

For Informa Markets, returning to live events was a careful decision, one made solely on customer feedback that a return to in-person experiences was critical for acceleration post-pandemic.

This has turned out to already be a busy 2nd half of the year for the trade show industry. A majority of events are returning to in-person or hybrid formats this year. As the world begins to rebound from the devastating impacts the pandemic has had on both the economy and humanity, these events offer a light at the end of the tunnel for both—platforms that provide economic recovery and celebrate the spirit of reconnection, at a time when economies, and communities, need them most.

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2021 Registration
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June 19, 2021

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